About Dr. Maria Montessori


A Montessori preschool embodies the educational principles established by Dr. Maria Montessori, Italy’s first female physician and a pioneer in early childhood development. 

As a scientist, she actively observed how children develop and learn in the classroom. Montessori theorized what today’s brain research confirms: that early childhood is the period when the brain’s capacity for learning is at its peak.

In her writings, Montessori frequently compared the young mind to a sponge; she pointed out that a child's brain literally absorbs information from the surrounding environment. She believed that the goal of early childhood education was to cultivate the child’s own natural desire to learn. 

Rainbow Montessori School operates on the basis of her research—that a child needs freedom within appropriate guidelines. We provide a carefully prepared environment, in which we combine educational materials and enjoyable learning experiences. Through the use of Montessori materials, children learn and progress according to their own interest and abilities.