Policies and Information

The following details are meant to provide information for current and prospective parents about some of the policies of Rainbow Montessori School. Upon enrollment, parents are provided with an admissions handbook and consequent materials which detail all of the relevant information regarding the school’s practices. We also welcome you to visit our Facebook page on which you are able to view some pictures of "a day in the life" of our classrooms.

We recognize each holiday during the year with a special arts and crafts project. On Halloween Day, the children may come to school dressed in a costume of their choice. If any parents are particularly interested in celebrating any holiday with snacks, treats, or anything else, we welcome you to do so. Please arrange this with your child’s teacher.

A birthday is a special day for all of us. Some children may wish to share a birthday treat with the class on that day. If you would like to do this, please inform the teacher ahead of time. In consideration of the classroom environment, we suggest that cake, large cupcakes, or anything heavily frosted not be brought to school. Mini muffins, small cookies, or cut fruit are much neater and easier, and are surely plenty for these little tummies.


Shortly after the beginning of the school year, we will introduce the Sound of the Week. The children can bring a small item that begins with that sound (i.e. "C" for cat), and if they would like to, they can bring something for that sound each day that week. If they forget the sound, or the item doesn't begin with the sound for that week, it's OK-we'll get creative and make it work!

Sharing something of value with friends is a fulfilling experience. Our sharing day is every Thursday. In consideration of time, space, and fairness, we ask that the children bring only ONE item each week. This limitation also encourages the child to decide on what he or she considers truly special. The show and tell does NOT have to begin with the sound of the week.

After the first two months of familiarization with the school routine and materials, the children and teachers are prepared to welcome any parent who wishes to visit their child’s class. Please arrange a time with your child’s teacher, as we like to limit visitors to one at a time. We open the school at this time to other prospective students (and parents) as well. When you are visiting, we ask that you move quietly around the classroom and observe. The teacher will be happy to answer questions after school.

Conferences are held twice each year—once in the fall and once in the spring. Please refer to the school calendar for specific dates. Conferences give us an opportunity to review some of the classroom experiences, share insights about your child’s learning skills, and exchange views on your child’s  progress. We especially encourage both parents to participate in the conference if at all possible.

You may bring your child to school up to ten minutes before your class’s start time. Please pick up your child within five minutes before or after your class’s end time. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter, as teachers need preparation time before school and often have obligations after school. We will make every effort to have your child ready for you when you arrive.

Please park your car in the lot and walk with your child to drop off and pick up your child.

The yearly tuition is payable in full or in ten monthly installments. Parents with more than one child enrolled receive a 5% tuition discount. The first payment is due prior to the start of the school year. The remaining payments are due on the first day of the month starting in September. Payments not received by the 5th of the month will be charged a $20 late fee.

The state requires that the inoculations of each child enrolled in a school be current according to state immunization standards. A copy of your child’s immunization record should be submitted with his/her enrollment application.

We encourage each child entering school to have a physical examination which includes a vision and hearing check. Knowing of a problem beforehand can eliminate a lot of frustration.

We ask that you keep your child home from school if he/she is feeling ill or has a temperature. Also, please contact the school in the event of any major contagious illness (chicken pox, strep throat, etc.) in your home so that we can be aware of what the other children may have been exposed to. 

We generally follow the Northshore School District’s decision regarding school closures. However, when Northshore schools are operating on a late start, we are usually still operating on-time. Please visit the Northshore School District for district closure/late arrival information. 

Regular updates will appear ASAP on our own Welcome page, on our Closures/Announcements page, and on our Facebook page on any day of questionable attendance. A staff member will call you directly in the event of any particularly unusual circumstance.

Our annual Curriculum Night is held each October. The purpose of this meeting is to introduce the Montessori program to parents who are new to it. You will meet in your child’s classroom for a short, informal chat with the teachers, and then we will meet together for a curriculum and information session. We encourage all new parents to attend this valuable and informative evening.

Each April, we offer a night just for Dad OR Mom to come to the school with their child for an hour in the evening. The children love to introduce you to their friends and share their favorite activities and materials with you.  If Dad gets to come this year, Mom gets to come next year!

Come and share activities, baked goods, and a program that the children have prepared for you. All parents and grandparents are invited. They put a lot of time and effort into this festival each year, and it is one of the most exciting events for everyone involved. Please be sure to mark the date on your calendar and plan to attend!