Our Staff


Rainbow Montessori School actively seeks a wide variety of staff in order to share individual talents with the children. All head teachers are certified Montessori instructors, and are committed to creating an optimal environment for every child placed in our care. We truly love the children and enjoy working and learning with them. Our staff is very stable, and the children usually spend their years at Rainbow with the same teacher. 

Renate is the school director and the head teacher for the morning class. She has been teaching since 1980, and teaches German to all of our classes. Janice is the afternoon class head teacher and has been with us  for over 20 years. She delights the children in all of our classes with her science lessons. Barbara  is the head teacher for the 4-hour class and is proud to be Renate's daughter. She has been teaching since 2009 and does yoga instruction for each of our classes as well. Cynthia, Martha and Julie are absolutely wonderful assistants, and Cynthia also serves as the book-keeper.

Cindy was a teacher at Rainbow for more than a decade, and is now retired but returns to substitute for head teachers as needed; and Mary is our regular assistant teacher substitute.

Teaching assistants are all trained directly by the teaching faculty. Our assistants share a desire to work with children and come to us experienced in early-childhood development and usually stay for many years. Often, assistants are preparing to receive their own Montessori teaching certification. 

The staff distributes a monthly newsletter detailing the children’s activities and projects, current curriculum, and upcoming events or celebrations. We encourage parents to communicate freely with their child’s teacher and discuss any concerns or questions about the child’s progress at school.